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Christopher Johnson - First Show: 4/27/12
MSR After Dark - Sat @ 8pm
Mark Skin Radio exists because of Christopher Johnson. His desire to bring meaning and free form rock to radio again has been a mission since 2012. He has put together a team of motivated DJs and been a mentor to all. Christopher is on his own mission to connect fans and artists and support music at many levels. None of this would be here without him.

Chris would like to thank his original show listeners, Susan, David, Cheryl and Dick

Doug Folos - First Show: Oct. 2012
Doug's Warped Drive -- Thu/Fri @ 9am
Doug Folos was another refugee/listener of Free Form WBCN, who was NOT from the Boston area. He was the first regular DJ added to MSR by Chris back in July of 2012, doing pre-recorded sets during Chris' show, and later his own show starting in October of 2012. With some of the most whacky and wide-ranging content choices anywhere in radio, Doug's Dusty Discs was a fixture, moving around on different weekday nights. More recently, Doug's Warped Drive has become the anchor of our Thursday and Friday mornings, now broadcasting live from Utah.

James Farrar, Hampton Beach, NH. - First Show: Feb 2013
Wally's Lounge - Tue @ 12pm - On the Record: Wed @ 8pm
Jim "Fire" Farrar is the host of Wally's Lounge. Jim Grew up in Vermont, and has been close friends with Christopher Johnson for longer than either like to admit. Jim moved to Mass and his perspective of music and radio exploded listening to WBCN. In 1986 was introduced to the Blues and feels his life changed overnight. After doing a few shows on MSR focusing on Blues music early on and shortly after joined the team in 2013. Although Blues music is a major part of his shows he loves to branch out along several genre's. The moniker Fire was given to him accidentally by Dana Fuchs, when doing a ID for him she mis-heard his name and it ended up sticking.

On a side note dropped trou for a Eliza Neals video challenge to advertise MSR, and yes it is on youtube!

Christian - First Show: Dec 2015
Christian's Cosmic Corner - Fri @ 8pm
Christian is a native of Massachusetts who has been on the local music scene for 30 years. As an independent artist (Ian James), band member (What’s in the Fridge?, S.W.A.G.G. , Chantclear, Shades of Mood, and Wrong Path) a promoter (8th Ave Productions) and label owner (Blue FX Records).

Christian joined Mark Skin Radio as an on air personality in 2015 creating the show Christian’s Cosmic Corner. The mission of the Cosmic Corner is to mix top tracks with the obscure and forgotten as well as new indie tracks from all genres. "I love the free format at Mark Skin Radio. It allows all of us to bring music that you know and do not know, and maybe we can help you find your new favorite song. Rock is not dead, good music is out there and being written… we’ll help you find it."

Jeff Mias - First show: May 27th, 2022
Flinging Vinyl - Thu @ 8pm
Jeff has always had radio and rock n roll by his side. It started with the transistor radio he bought with paper route money, and with his older brothers' record collections. It continued while listening to WBCN in Boston & WBRU at Brown University, doing shows on WJMF at Bryant College, and attending an unknown number of concerts. He discovered Mark Skin Radio by way of Free Form WBCN, and has been listening ever since. If Jeff's not listening to the radio, then he's probably at a live show supporting local musicians.

Come Fling Vinyl with Jeff, Friday's @ 8pm.

Adam Signore, Medway, MA. - First Show: Mar 2017
Original Music Showcase (Fri @ 6pm)/Insomniac's Garage(Mon @ 1pm)
Adam is on a mission. A lifelong lover & supporter of music, with a heavy focus on local music Adam created the "Local Music Showcases" in march of 2017, now "The Original Music Showcase" nominated for a 2022 Boston Music Award, which started with primarily Boston based original unsigned artists. Being a firm believer in "Music Without Borders" it was only natural that the focus of his shows have grown to include artists from all over the world. With the local blues scene needing it's own program "The Sunday Squeaky Chair Blues" was born, now retired and you can find new blues incorporated into the OMS. Each Friday 6pm est Adam puts together a 120 minute set list of music you want to hear. He hunts down many new releases each week just for you. Most recently Adam has added a new show, Blacksheep's (formerly Insomniac's) Garage. A local & classic rock hybrid Garage Party on Mondays @ 1pm.

When not making set lists, he's making show lists for his Online Calendar & and when he's not making set or show lists you'll find him writing Artist, CD & Show reviews at Making A Scene and when he's not listing or writing you will find him taking pictures of bands. Feel free to look at his Facebook Photo Albums, his photography & graphic design work has been featured on released CD's, publications & artist websites such as The Barrett Anderson Band, Blue Honey, Matt York, Rosemary's Baby Blues, Shemekia Copeland, Soul Box & The Tony Soul Project. You might even catch him making band videos from time to time. Click ma'name #madudez for everything Adam.

Destiny Costa - First Show: May 2016
Ditch Your Demons - Mon @ 10am
Destiny, along with the other Free Form WBCN Boston DJs was a big part of the inspiration that started Mark Skin Radio. Her beginnings on WBCN working with Sam Kopper showed not only her talent for programming music, but also her razor-sharp wit and uncompromising honesty and candor.

Founder Chris Johnson was obsessed with getting her to join the MSR air staff even before WBCN's ride was over. Now she is here on MSR every week.

Frank Iafolla and Martha Moon - First Show: March 2017
Farmer Frank's Fervent Grooves - Thu @ 2pm
Frank's love for radio began in the 1950's listening to Jess Cain and others doing skits on the old WHDH am Boston. While stationed in Hawaii in 1969, a friend I was stationed with, Dave Kelleher (Roberts), was doing weekend gigs at KPOI AM Honolulu. He introduced me to the FM guys. I fetched records, rolled joints, did a few PSA's and ID's and went to concerts free. When I returned home I attended Greenfield Community College receiving a degree in Graphic Design. The next 40 plus years were in some sort of printing and sign making all the while playing records, listening to WBCN Boston and going to clubs. Sometime around 2013 I discovered Free Form WBCN. I got on FB to join the conversation and began doing weekly "Magic Garden" Freeports as Farmer Frank with Sam Kopper. This is also where I met Mark Skin Radio folks, and the rest as they say is history. I came on board in March 2017 with Martina Luna joining me that summer.

Martha (Martina Luna) enjoyed a wide variety of musical exposure in childhood. She found live music and visual media to be transformative experiences. Radio, from 1960's Music Radio 77 WABC AM and continuing to this era of streaming, became the necessary "Search Engine" to understand the Universal Language of Music.

James Rhodes - First show: 1/11/2016
Rockin' J Ranch (Tue @ 8pm) ∓ Coyote Hoodoo (Thu @ 4pm)
Jim met Chris Chin at a Tommy Bolin Music Festival and Chris told him about this radio station out of Boston, Mark Skin Radio. Jim became an avid, active, and dedicated listener.

Five years ago, under Chris Johnson's tutelage, Jim would learn how to be a Mark Skin Radio DJ. The music knowledge of MSR DJs & listeners is truly outstanding and a thrill to learn / play cutting-edge, new music as well as deep old school tunes.

The Rocking J Ranch is true to its name & The Coyote Hoodoo is more mellow jamming… Both shows provide eclectic Historical & Current Rock with Blues spun in!

Jon Sexuaer - First Show: 7/2/2019
The Grey Eagle Radio Show - Tue @ 11pm
Bio coming soon

Kirsten Chervinsky - First Show: 5/13/2020
Rock Opera - Wed @ 6pm
Kirsten Chervinsky hosts Rock Opera. A journey from Opera to Rock and everything in between. Listeners will hear: operatic arias, music by "local" singer/songwriters, and emerging artists. Is opera too hoity-toity for me you might ask - "no way" as there are no divas here!

Rock Opera can be found on Wednesdays from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM ET

Expect the unexpected!!!

Lee Ashfield, Vero Beach, FL. - First Show: 11/2/2016
Music That Time Forgot - Thu @ 6pm
A Transplant originally from the Boston area now living in Vero Beach, FL. Lee started playing drums at 12, in a band at 18, went on a "Tour" around 22. Lee's Twenties were the "Band" years, playing in and around the Boston area with various incarnations. When he was 29 or 30, after the bands broke up, he opted for Mobile DJing. Lee got into that near the end of the Disco Era and DJ'd for about 30 years. He joined MSR in October 2016, and hosted his first show, "Music That Time Forgot", November 2, 2016.

Marian Ferro - First Show:
Rock Under The Radar - Tue @ 6pm
Marian was one of those girls walking around with a transistor radio up to her ear when she was 10 years old. In the 1980s she joined the staff of the Boston music magazine, "The Beat," where she interviewed bands and wrote feature stories, record and show reviews, as well as being the magazine's copyeditor and proofreader. She later wrote for other area music publications, including "Metronome."

Marian started doing her radio show, "Rock Under the Radar" in 2011 on WCAC, the radio station affiliated with the local cable access TV station in Watertown. She brought her show to WMFO in 2016 and then joined Mark Skin Radio in 2018. She loves to introduce her listeners to great new tunes, plays lots of local artists and ends each show with sets of Serious Guitar Time.

Marc Hurwitz - First Show:
Marc's Alt-Rock Playground - Tue @ 4pm
A Boston-based media person known in part for his food writing, Marc has also been involved with radio for a long, long time. From the early days of high school radio and then WSFR at Suffolk University (where he worked with fellow Mark Skin Radio DJ Mike Newman) to more recent gigs including guest appearances with Newman on WMFO and Michael Marotta on indie617, and WBZ NewsRadio 1030 where he continues to work with Jordan Rich and Nichole Davis on food and travel-related topics, Marc has dabbled in both the commercial and non-commercial end of things. And now he has found a home on MSR on Tuesday afternoons from 4 to 6 PM, where he focuses on alternative rock and has been known to play maybe just a few grunge and Britpop tunes from time to time.

When Marc isn't in front of the mic, he's busy writing, as he has food and travel columns for both NECN and Dig Boston while also being a syndicated news writer for NBC and is also the founder of Boston's Hidden Restaurants, and his background is in textbook publishing so if you have kids, there's a pretty good chance he's worked on some of their materials.

Michael J - First Show: 2/22/19
The Wireless Motor Club (Wed @ 4pm) - Capitol Emissions (Sat @ 3pm)
Legendary radio giant, Michael Jay, makes a triumphant return to radio after a forty year hiatus! This time, he returns to the Internet, where rules is rules, and he can say what he wants, as long as he doesn't play three songs in a row by the same artist.

Michael's radio career is an epic story much like that of the Gilgamesh legend. After being orphaned at a very young age due to a freak caribou and elk incident in the upper reaches of Saskatchewan where he was raised by wolves until the age of 18, Michael followed his inner compass and headed east to Amherst, Mass. His first foray into radio was a happy accident. Michael's college roommate, a perpetually stoner named Todd, was late for his first air shift on the 100 milliwatt classic pirate station affectionately called the "Wonderful Weasel." The Program Director called the dorm room looking for the said Todd. Seizing the opportunity to fulfill a dream, Michael took the shift!

Bitten by the radio bug, there was no stopping Michael from reaching for bigger and bigger things! 100 milliwatts was never going to be enough. Michael moved on to the 1000 watt WMUA-FM where he ruled Friday nights for two years. Armed with a Traffic and Production internship at the legendary KROQ-FM in Los Angeles as well as graduating from college, Michael once again headed east to the hippest berg in the biz, Boston, where he volunteered his valuable time at the iconic WBCN-FM and WCOZ-FM before landing a weekend and fill-in shift at the forerunner to WFNX, WLYN-FM.

Michael's natural wanderlust soon got the better of him, and he headed off for an exciting career in Information Technology where he spent the last forty years. Every now and again he would once again flirt with fame. Not once, but twice he was runner-up to be the next Doctor, only to be defeated by his accent. In all that time, he never took his eye off of his passion and in the early days of 2019, he joined the soon to be legendary Mark Skin Radio!

Mike Newman - First Show: April 2016
Mic On the Mic - Sat @ 9am - On
Growing up in and around Boston MA, radio found Mike as much as Mike found radio. Music — was always there. Mike’s fascination with radio created an insatiable need to get involved …

first as an intern at Boston’s storied WBCN, then as a board-op at UNRegular Radio (sincere thanks to Carmelita), then having the chance to share music on Tufts University’s WMFO and finally … landing here … at Mark Skin Radio.

It’s no secret that Boston’s music scene is pretty damn incredible, so expect to hear Mike sharing music from lots of LOCAL Boston artists, as well as New Noise (tm) and Freeform — from anywhere and everywhere — every Saturday morning from 9a - 11a on Mark Skin Radio! - Mike can be heard on currently

Steve Yourglvich - First show: 10/31/18
Tracks Across the Ocean - Thu @ 12pm
Steve has been a part of the UK blues music scene for many years, He is a respected music journalist and reviewer writing mainly for the long established Blues Matters magazine for whom he was Features Editor for some years. During that time he interviewed dozens of household names.

For the last 6 years he has been the music manager for singing sensation Malaya Blue helping her achieve international recognition. Steve has also worked alongside Paul Jones helping to organise his annual charity fund rising event, and supported numerous artists with PR and strategic advice.

Barry Hudson - First show: Dec 2013
Barry's Unraveling
Barry Hudson stated his own streaming show "Music For Every Mind" in early 2012, and Chris convinced him to move over to MSR several months later. Over the years Barry has returned more than once to the station, most recently with a new show "Barry's Unraveling". With cool tunes and great music, "The Handsome One" has been a a big part of MSR's success.

Come unravel your mind with Barry!

DJ Hall Of Fame

DJ's we remember fondly

Enyi Okezie - First Show: 2/7/2015
Rock Concert
Enyi Okezie is known as an unapologetic social media commentator and instigator, but more importantly for Mark Skin, a seriously dedicated historian of Rock and Roll music and history. The New York City Rocker started his tenure on MSR with a show dedicated to Soul music, and hasn't looked back since. Mark Skin Radio is uncensored, and Enyi's show most certainly include plenty of adult language and content.

Tim Clancy - First Show: 1/27/2013
Tim Clancy Radio Hour - Sun @ 7pm
Yes, it's Tim Clancy ... strange visitor from another planet, who came to Earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of corporate FM DJs! And with Toni Livingston, his crime fighting partner brought their love of music every week to The Tim Clancy Radio Hour

For Tim Music was everything and always has been. As an accomplished musician it is a form of expression for him, as a DJ he gets to share that love with his listeners. Tim has been in radio since 1971 and at Mark Skin Radio since 2013. Before he left us, Tim often said that being on the radio was the most fun he'd ever had without a guitar in his hands. The man of a thousand voices and characters, he was a cornerstone of MSR. Godspeed, good f riend, we'll keep the time phone handy.

Mark Schultz - First Show: 2/5/13
On the Record - Wed @ 7:30pm
For Mark, life changed on 2/9/64. The Beatles were on Ed Sullivan. He then started playing guitar, singing & writing music. Eventually getting good enough to get paid for doing it during college. He listened to underground radio in NY: WBAI-FM, WLIR-FM, WOR-FM & WNEW-FM. In 1970 he moved to Boston and his love affair with music exploded listening to WBCN, WCAS-AM, & WCOZ-FM. He learned what great radio is. He wrote freelance record reviews in "The Real Paper" and "Boston After Dark".

On August 1, 2021, this amazing talent left us. His show "On the Record" was a free form radio tour de force - great classic music, obscure songs and plenty of new stuff too. His humor was a regular addition, with crazy off beat news, and musical features like "Writer's Block", "Flashbacks" and "Under the Covers".

He will be forever heard on MSR - as we call him, "The Voice" is so much a part of this station we would never silence it. Rest in Peace, brother, from all of your MSR family.

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